The genome sequence

How DNA sequencing is uncovering the secrets encoded within the 3 billion nucleotides of the human genome.


Image for The human genome: Quick facts
DNA, chromosomes and genes. 14/10/05
Image for The Human Genome Sequencing Consortium
The International Human Genome Sequencing consortium brought together scientists at 20 institutions in six countries: France, Germany, Japan, China, the UK and USA. 01/11/04
Image for What is the Human Genome Project?
Between 1990 and 2003, the Human Genome Project undertook he immense task of sequencing the 3 billion bases of genetic information that resides in every human cell. 01/11/04
Image for Y chromosome: Quick facts
The 'maleness' chromosome. 09/10/03
Image for Comparative genomics
How similarities and differences among genomes help us understand genome structure, function and evolution. 08/01/03
Image for Centromeres
The 'anchor points' that control the separation of chromosomes when cells divide. 29/07/02
Image for Telomeres
Protecting the ends of the chromosomes. 29/07/02
"Each of the cells in your body carries about 1.5 gigabytes of genetic information, an amount of information that would fill two CD ROMs." David Goodsell
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