Study gives new insight into genetic risk of cancers

Over 80 regions of the genome that can increase an individual's risk of breast, prostate and ovarian cancers have been found in the largest ever study of its kind. 28/03/13

Million-page story of modern genetics launched by the Wellcome Library

The papers of the pioneers of modern genetics have been collected together for the first time and made freely available in a 3.9m digitisation project from the Wellcome Library. 04/03/13

Studies identify two new genetic causes of rare childhood bone condition

Researchers in Oxford have discovered two new genetic causes of craniosynostosis - a rare bone condition that can inhibit brain growth in children. 28/01/13

How epigenetic information could be inherited

A study published today in the journal 'Science' reveals a potential way for parents' life experiences to be passed to their offspring's genes. 25/01/13

Scientists discover gene linked to breast and ovarian cancer

Rare mutations in a gene called PPM1D are linked to an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. 17/12/12

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